Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Critical Verbs for the CCSS (ELA)

Watch this recorded presentation, then use the resources below to learn about the critical verbs and how to help students learn them.

Resources for Vocabulary building

Wallwisher is a free and digital tool that allows users to create a digital wall of multimedia sticky notes which can include text, images, links and videos.

Ninjawords on line dictionary
Sketch Odopod is a free web tool that students can draw out their vocabulary knowledge.
Make Beliefs Comix is a free comic strip maker
VisualThesaurus is a free mind mapping vocabulary tool that takes one vocabulary word and branches out related words visually. The students can see the different parts of speech and these are color coded. If the student spells a word wrong they offer suggestions helping the student learn the vocabulary. Students make their own individualized tier 2 and 3 vocabulary lists to help differentiate.
To create digital vocabulary cards, use WordStash
Another vocabulary card creation template in google presentation: vocabulary card creation template
You can try VocabGrabber for yourself. It allows you to create vocab lists. Clicking on a word displays a definition and examples from context and a visual word map generated through the company's Visual Thesaurus Tool.
A concise blog post written by Marilee Sprenger on the academic vocabulary: