Saturday, October 26, 2013

Math in the co-teaching classroom

I'm sharing two different videos that show how math practices & standards associated with the CCSS are implemented in a 4th grade and a 5th grade classroom.  Both classrooms use 1:1 digital devices. While it's tempting to be impressed by the bells and whistles for both the students and the teachers
(great productivity apps in the 5th grade video!), the remarkable feature in both videos is the responsiveness to students.  Both teaching pairs begin with assessment. They provide instruction that is blended and self-paced, but also incorporate varied strategies to scaffold learning.  Clearly, each teacher instructs and prepares materials for all students and takes responsibility for all learning in these classrooms.  Through responsive teaching, providing adaptations for all students, and immediate feedback on learning, there is a heightened increase for opportunity to learn.  The co-teaching pairs have collaborated on assessment, instruction, and adaptations for learning.

4th grade: Math Clinics