Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Redefining teaching and learning

We use the SAMR model to gauge how technology has
enhanced learning.  I visited a co-teaching middle school language arts classroom
today along with visitors from another school district learning how to
begin co-teaching.  As it happened, we stumbled upon a great
example of redefinition.
The co-teachers had asked teachers from their feeder elementary schools to consider recording book trailers that could be used in class
to inspire the middle school students to want to read.  Mrs. K, from an elementary school appeared on the SmartBoard of this LA classroom and began to talk about Star Girl.  She read an excerpt from the bookand told about her own feelings of awkwardness as a middle school girl.  The students, who have been recording titles of books that they may want to read after hearing the book trailer, were hastily recording the title, Star Girl. 
Great use of "duet teaching" with technology
redefining the learning.  Book trailers, prepared
by the students' elementary teachers, brought the
level of student engagement up immeasurably. Here's
a little snipet


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